Mediation and/or Arbitration

Going to court is not always the best way to resolve a dispute. Trials can be time consuming, expensive, complex and stressful. We are experienced and we are realistic.  Sometimes, the best litigators avoid litigation altogether. There are alternatives to going to court. At Fosters Law Graham & Associates our legal team is highly skilled in the arena of alternative dispute resolution. Favourable outcomes can be achieved without stepping foot in the courtroom through the use of mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

Although we remain competent and fearless in taking any case to trial when need be, we believe that trials have truly become the “court of last resort.”  Today, we are committed to engaging our clients in the resolution of their particular conflict through alternative dispute resolution, mainly mediation or arbitration. Our lawyers have participated in thousands of mediations and arbitrations and have developed the skills to artfully guide our clients through the alternative resolution process to help them achieve the best possible result.