Professional Malpractice

Rely on a professional malpractice attorney to make sense of your claim.

The purpose of a professional malpractice attorney is to hold professionals accountable for the services they provide when an error results in injury or damages.

You may have hired a professional to design your home, do your plumbing, plan your estate, or safety your vehicle.  You may have required surgery or care from a medical provider.  Whenever you use the services of a professional you rely upon the professional practice of this person.  If that person’s actions fall below the accepted standard of care and result in injury or damages, he or she may be liable to you for all related damages flowing from the failure.

We have the experience and network of experts to give you the peace of mind in knowing whether the job was done right and whether the person responsible is in fact accountable.

It’s so hard to even put into words how thankful I am to have had Evelyn, Ryan and Jennifer help me through such a tough time.  Not only did you all make such a difficult process easier to deal with, you actually cared about me and my daughter. You were all so patient with me, help guide me and answer all my questions. You all never made me feel like I was just another client you made me feel like I was your friend.

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