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Experienced accident benefits lawyers in Ontario.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault, you may qualify for certain Accident Benefits.

Accident benefits may include income replacement benefits or housekeeping benefits. These benefits are governed by the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule under the Insurance Act.

Whether or not you are entitled to Accident Benefits can be a complex issue and you may need the help of a lawyer with knowledge and experience to assist you. Fosters Law LLP has the expertise you need to help you understand and resolve your Accident Benefits Claim.

When you hire Fosters Law LLP to advance your Accident Benefits claim, we do not charge you any legal fees until we settle your claim or you receive an award from the License Appeal Tribunal. If you win or settle your case, the fee that you will pay us for legal services is called a contingency fee. A contingency fee is a percentage of the money you get as a settlement or award. Our contingency fee percentage is based on when your claim resolves.

If we can resolve your matter prior to filing an Application with the License Appeal Tribunal, you will be charged a maximum amount of 20% plus HST of any settlement; however, if we need to file an Application and engage the License Appeal Tribunal’s processes, up to and including a Hearing, you will be charged a maximum amount of 30% plus HST.

Following a Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian accident my mom was referred to Foster Townsend by our family physician. Foster Townsend’s work ethics and dedication to their clients has left a lasting impression on both my mom and myself. Every team member is professional, friendly and promptly returns and answers client calls. We couldn’t have been happier and more satisfied to have worked with this amazing team. I whole heartedly recommend Foster Townsend to all future clients.

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Mevlida and Fatima Atic
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