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Experienced civil litigation lawyers in London, Ontario.

Civil litigation is the process of taking a case through court. We are expert litigators in London, Ontario who obtain real, measurable results for private individuals and corporations.

Civil litigation has been the focus of Fosters Law LLP since its inception. Our lawyers act in all manners of disputes at all levels of court. We have a particular focus on insurance lawpersonal injury litigationaccident benefits disputes, insurance coverage issues and professional malpractice.

Our experienced civil litigation lawyers offer effective representation both in and out of court in most areas of civil litigation.

Laura and Jennifer: The humanity you showed to me was over-whelming along with your integrity, honesty and professionalism. You left me with my “dignity” and a strong reverence for humanity and that “all people matter”. Thank you. I will always remember your smile and hug.

Legal Experience
Legal Experience

Our firm offers the most experienced and trusted civil litigation lawyers in London, Ontario.

Sometimes the only option to resolve a dispute is to go to court, in those cases, Fosters Law LLP has the trial experience and expertise needed. We understand, however, that a trial is not always in our client’s best interest. We recognize the pressure of the expense, risk and uncertainty associated with trial. We have a long track record of achieving early resolution of claims without the unnecessary expenditure of time and resources. Our goal is to find the straightest line possible to the best resolution of your case.

Sometimes, the best litigators avoid litigation altogether. Whether you need litigation in London, Ontario or not, contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your case.

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